Sandra Schepers

Vollebak Vennestraat

Street of the Senses

Vennestraat literally lies in the shadow of C-mine and is Genk’s cosmopolitan artery with its restaurants, bars, specialist shops, galleries and weekly market. C-mine and Vennestraat make an exciting combination: one inspires and captivates and the other invites you to relax and have fun.

In recent years, a great deal of work has been done to turn Vennestraat into the ultimate street of the senses. The street invites you to stroll and its popular delicacies make your water mouth.

Discover the shops in Vennestraat via their website.

Vollebak Vennestraat

In summer you can enjoy the ‘Vollebak Vennestraat’ event: four Saturdays of festivities with multi-culinary masterpieces and musical street bands.

The programme of Vollebak Vennestraat is available on their website from July onwards.

On tour in Vennestraat

A culinary tasting tour? Plenty of activities to do in and around Vennestraat. By yourself, with your family, in group, etc.

New! Free booklet ‘Soul Food in Vennestraat’

Where do you need to be for 18 types of pasta? Who serves that traditional Belgian mine beer? Where can you bite into delicious Genk biscuits? The booklet ‘Soul Food in Vennestraat’ is a guide to shops, bars and restaurants from every corner of the globe. From a Turkish supermarket, through a Greek restaurant or an Italian delicatessen to a cosy Flemish coffee house. A practical overview map, a short description of each store, tips for fun outings such as an art gallery, pop-up shop or a bric-à-brac shop: everything is in there.

Pick up your free booklet at C-mine visitor centre or take a look online.

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