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Hanna Simons

EXPO | 4th Istanbul Design Biennial ‘A School of Schools’

An initiative by IKSV and Z33, in collaboration with C-mine Genk

One hundred years after the birth of Bauhaus, both the design sector and the world have undergone massive changes. Oddly enough, this metamorphosis is not reflected in design education, the perfect space to experiment. Last year, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial zoomed in on this relationship between design and education. The ‘A School of Schools’ exhibition is now visiting Belgium for the first time, on the initiative of IKSV and Z33 in collaboration with C-mine Genk. From 28 June, more than 100 (inter)national designers will be exhibiting works based on Turkish reality.

Campagnebeeld A School of Schools

A School of Schools

Where can you learn about how design affects our everyday lives? Not just in schools and academies. This finding is the starting point of curator Jan Boelen (Z33). The exhibition breaks with the traditional view of a school as an institute. It highlights what we already know intuitively: learning is not restricted to a building, specific time slots or certain interactions. You can pick up new ideas anytime, anywhere, from family, friends, neighbours and strangers. Or from our everyday environments and the tools we have designed to navigate them.

In C-mine, ‘A School of Schools’ is presented in a new format and with new scenography, with local interactions and with a wide selection of projects. A supporting programme with guided tours and events will also be available.

28 June to 29 September 2019

10:00 - 17:00 | Expo halls Energy Building

Free entry

Curator: Jan Boelen (artistic director Z33), Vera Sacchetti, Nadine Botha

Scenography and exhibition furniture: Architect Aslı Çiçek and product designer Lukas Wegwerth