Business accommodation

Peter Bosmans

Are you interested in establishing your company at C-mine? Several companies offer business accommodation in their buildings.


Lamp room – NASCOM

The company NASCOM, a thriving enterprise specialised in service design for the web, is located in the Lamp room,. They guide customers in their search for the perfect online solutions, from websites to apps.

Find out which possibilities NASCOM has to offer here.

+ 32 (0)89 20 15 01


Office building – C-mine crib

C-mine cribe is the incubator of the site. It is a service centre that supports young entrepreneurs in their development and growth. Discover everything you need to know about C-mine crib.



Today, the lighting expert Painting with Light and the healthcare innovator Curaedis are located in the Stables. A fully-equipped office is available in the left wing of the building. More information and pictures of the premises can be found here.

+ 32 (0) 89 69 07 90


C-mine Business Zone

The Business Zone in the north of the site still hast possibilities for companies that fit into the creative C-mine mission.


City of Genk / Land Administration department
+ 32 (0) 89 65 45 20