How it works

Hanna Simons

More than 30 spaces

In total, C-mine boasts over 30 different spaces that can be rented. Ranging from a theatre hall, through a cinema, to meeting rooms and reception halls. These spaces are not managed by one organisation, but by 9 different companies and organisations that – apart from their core business – also let beautiful halls.

At C-mine it is not possible to receive one price offer for all these spaces! If you would like to organise a meeting at the Stables and afterwards host a party in the “Barenzaal” room, you get two separate price offers. However, there is a coordinator at C-mine who knows every space and is willing to help you make your choice.
+32 (0)89 65 50 00


How do you get started?

1. Leaf through the brochure to get inspired, or use the practical search engine

2. Do you immediately know which space you would like to rent? Please contact the provider directly. The contact details are added to the hall information.

3. Do you want to receive guidance when making a choice or do you wish to rent several spaces from different partners? Send your question to



Energy building

Big Room, Small Room and Meeting Rooms at C-mine cultural centre

Each of these rooms has access to the bar at the back of the Foyer of C-mine cultural centre. The bar is exclusively run by Brasserie Basic: download or look at the contact details.

Foyer, Compressor Hall, C-mine design centre, Multipurpose Room, “Ophaalzaal” room and “Barenzaal” room

You need to work together with one of the seven accredited catering partners for the Energy building: download or look at the overview and the contact details.



Euroscoop has its own range of formulas and works together with a selected caterer.

Ask for the formulas when submitting your request.


C-mine crib

C-mine crib has its own range of formulas, but you are free to choose a caterer.


Warehouse building

Studio Pieter Stockmans works together with selected caterers, find out more about it when submitting your request.



At Painting with Light you have to purchase your drinks from a brewer selected by them, for lunch/dinner/etc. you are free to choose a caterer.