Family game 'Where is Cyril the cricket?'

Hatice Deveci


The fun family game ‘Where is Cyril the Cricket?’ takes you underground to the C-mine expedition galleries.


familiespelC-mine expedition is ideal for exploring together with your family. Armed with an expedition belt and booklet, the entire family sets off in search of the cricket and tries to find out who he is and what he does in the Winterslag mine. Solve the mystery and perhaps you will receive a medal as a souvenir of this special trip.

The game can be played during the opening hours of C-mine expedition and is suitable for children aged 6 and over. The expedition booklet contains extra handiwork pages to take home with you.



Family ticket (2 adults and 2 kids): € 28.00
Children aged 6 to 18: € 8.00

Access to C-mine expedition and the mine expedition booklet.


about 1.5 hours

Opening hours

only during the opening hours of C-mine expedition.

It is advisable to book the family game in advance via C-mine Visitor Centre so that the availability of the game can be guaranteed.