Die Verdammte Spielerei speelt Bert Kaempfert

Agenda Die Verdammte Spielerij

Die Verdammte Spielerei speelt Bert Kaempfert

Grote zaal - C-mine Energy building
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Whether it comes via Kapitein Zeppos or the Efteling, different generations were introduced to the wonderful music of Bert Kaempfert. The pleasantly deranged, but also hyper-talented orchestra "Die Verdammte Spielerei" pays tribute to this musical grandmaster.

“I want to make music for everyone. It must be enjoyed by all. Otherwise it is pointless.”, Bert Kaempfert

There is nothing wrong with cheerfulness, the world is sad enough already!, Stefaan De Winter

C-mine organizes all activities in accordance with the precautions against the Coronavirus.

- 26 jaar
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