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Agenda Lied Kris Cuppens ©Kris Van Eksel Agenda Lied Kris Cuppens ©Kris Van Eksel

Het nieuwstedelijk


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'Lied' is a road movie and a family story in one. 15 years after the premiere of Lied, Het Nieuwstedelijk is bringing this gem back on stage.


'Lied' was awarded the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs in 2006. In the same year Kris Cuppens was nominated with Lied for the Flemish Culture Prize for the Performing Arts.

"(...) It is surprising how the music sometimes coincides beautifully with what the actor Kris Cuppens says: it is no coincidence that the title of that performance is 'Lied'." (Pol Arias, Radio 1)

"(...) He alternates powerful images with emotional accents, never false emotion: the father who assists his father in the last hours. In this way the autobiography becomes a chronicle of four generations, in which the war, flamingantism and mining strikes seep through." (Wilfried Eetezonne, De Morgen)

"With 'Lied', Kris Cuppens literally and figuratively conveys the role of his life. The divorce, fatherhood, physically demanding bike rides - this is a text for real guys." (Mark Cloostermans, De Standaard)


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