KVS/Bruno Vanden Broecke en Raven Ruëll

Agenda KVS_OuderKind ©DannyWillems Agenda KVS_OuderKind ©DannyWillems

KVS/Bruno Vanden Broecke en Raven Ruëll

Ouder Kind

Grote zaal - C-mine Energy building
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For this milestone in their long-standing collaboration, Vanden Broecke and Ruëll take a completely different approach. Apart from a few technicians, no one knows what to expect.


Text and play: Raven Ruëll, Bruno Vanden Broecke
Lumière: Geert Drobé / Helmi Demeulemeester
Sound: Steven Lorie
Costume: Heidi Ehrhart
Production leader: Lieven Symaeys

Production: kvs

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- 26 jaar
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