Marianne Berenhaut

Marianne Berenhaut La rencontre, 2013, three wooden scooter

Marianne Berenhaut

Mine de rien

C-mine Energiegebouw
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About the exhibition

Marianne Berenhaut’s (°1934, BE) body of work, spanning over five decades and still expanding, eludes any attempt at a summary. It cannot ever be explained or fully grasped; it needs to be seen, experienced and felt to the bone.

The exhibition at CIAP and C-mine presents a subjective choice from this generous oeuvre. Sculptures, installations, and collages made of objects found in the artist’s immediate surroundings are accompanied by a selection of archival materials, including previously unseen footage and newly commissioned documentation. Placed side by side, the works created years apart come into dialogue and reveal their lasting relevance.

The expression ‘mine de rien’, borrowed for the title of this exhibition, describes someone acting casually, ‘as if nothing was at hand’, much like the works of Marianne. Hidden behind the facade of daily objects are memories and stories we all can relate to, but also experiences that remain deeply individual and, on some level, inaccessible.


On three occasions, the curatorial team of CIAP will provide background information on Marianne Berenhaut’s exhibition and oeuvre.Participation in any of these guided tours is included in your entry ticket. Register via the link below, but don't forget to also buy a ticket for the exhibition on the same date.


Saturday 6 Nov 2021 | 2–3 pm (in English) 

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Saturday 11 Dec 2021 | 2–3 pm (in Dutch)

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Saturday 8 Jan 2022 | 2–3 pm (in Dutch)

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Foto credits: La Rencontre, 2013 © Marianne Berenhaut

A ticket for the Marianne Berenhaut exhibition also provides access to the exhibition by Nalini Malani.