Nalini Malani

© Nalini Malani - Can You Hear Me? © Nalini Malani - Can You Hear Me?

Nalini Malani

Can You Hear Me?

C-mine Energiegebouw
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Nalini Malani (b. 1946, Karachi, Undivided India) is a pioneer of video art in India. 'Can You Hear Me?' comprises 88 projected animations made between 2017 and 2020, featuring overlapping hand-drawn images, texts and sounds.

In this installation, the violent death of a child in India triggers a flow of images and ideas that transcend national trauma to address global social injustices. In Malani’s universe the voiceless share centre stage with mythic characters, intellectuals and poets. Moral outrage blends with satire and absurdity.

Can You Hear Me? is curated by Whitechapel Gallery (London) in collaboration with C-mine. After London, Bombay and Malága, Genk is the first location in Belgium where the compelling installation will be shown.   

Photo credits: © Nalini Malani - Can You Hear Me?


A ticket for the exhibition of Nalini Malani grants entrance to the exhibition of Marianne Berenhaut as well.