Mission & vision

Mission & vision

Schachtbok ©Stad Genk Schachtbok ©Stad Genk

Our mission

C-mine is a creative hotspot for artistic talent, clustered on a site with a unique heritage in industrial mining. Rooted in the past, C-mine’s aim is to help shape the future.

We achieve this by forging strong partnerships and entering into dialogue with actors from various artistic fields; by involving the wider community in a versatile environment, focused on study, research, design, innovation and reflection.

C-mine wants

  • to elevate artists, performers, entrepreneurs, students, ... above their own individual capabilities and ambitions;
  • to inspire the culturally interested, amateurs of heritage sites, students, children, visitors, tourists and locals alike, with new insights and experiences;
  • to invigorate the urban environment and the wider region by offering artistic and design-oriented innovation and creation.


Energiegebouw ©stad Genk Energiegebouw ©stad Genk

Our vision

It’s C-mine's ambition to work with all campus residents towards

  • developing a community that provides both its own members and outside visitors with ideas and inspiration;
  • offering a high-quality artistic visitor programme in the visual and performing arts, design and film;
  • excelling, via this innovative and international programme, in the areas of development, production, presentation, participation and reflection;
  • ensuring authentic connections on the site, with the local neighbourhood(s) and other sites in Genk, including Thor park and LABIOMISTA;
  • becoming one of the leading creative sites in Limburg, Flanders and the Euregion.