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The cozy courtyard at C-mine Crib is the ideal starting location or outdoor breakout space for your meeting. Play a game of ping-pong, enjoy the beautiful view from your picnic tables, or have a chat with the Cribbers… And then you’re ready to re-join your meeting, with a fresh mind and a creative spirit!
50 persons
With its typical red and white tiling and its excellent view of the larger pit tower, this venue is ‘as C-mine as it gets’. The Main Hall terrace is the ideal location for an inspiring meeting.
15 seats in a U-shape configuration
15-30 seats in a theatre-style configuration
The ‘ruin’ is what remains of the smaller pit tower’s collection building. Which means you’ll have your meeting right inside this venerable heritage site. With a flipchart, a bench, a tent and/or tables, you’ll immediately transform this outdoor space into a unique meeting location. We’ll happily help you work out the right formula!
100 persons (standing)