Groups & schools

C-mine expedition for groups

Explore C-mine expedition in a group, with or without a guide.

Group visits without guide

Explore C-mine expedition on your own, without a guide, in a group (minimum 10 people).


  • € 8 per person
  • € 6 per person (6-18 years)
  • € 2 per person (Genk schools)

Book via

Group visits with guide

Groups can explore C-mine expeditie (C-mine Expedition) accompanied by a city guide.


  • € 8 per person
  • € 6 per person (schools and youth groups)
  • € 90 for an English-, French- and German-speaking guide (max. 15 people) - € 80 for a Dutch-speaking guide (max. 15 people).
  • € 10 administration cost

Please book at least 10 days in advance.

Good to know:

  • Adapted tours are possible for groups of 80 people or more. Price available on request via
  • You can also visit C-mine outside opening hours (except on Mondays). The entrance fee is a minimum of € 400 (for up to 50 people. From 51 people, you pay € 8 per person.
  • Admission for teachers (acting as supervisor) is free on presentation of a valid teacher card. Per group of 25 students, 2 teachers have free access.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when entering the platform on the pit tower.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is limited to a maximum of 2 persons per group.
  • Languages: Dutch, French, English, German.